About Mustaffa Aziz

On and off, I have been taking photographs for a long time. I (or more precisely, my brother and I) bought our first camera with our own pocket money when I was 8 years old. My brother is a year younger than me. After all these years (forty or so years!), he still refuses to part with that camera although he does not take pictures anymore.

That camera, I suppose predates what we now know as LOMO. It was in an era of Diana cameras and the like. All plastic body and lens! This particular camera that we bought is called the BEDFORDFLEX. Try Googling it.

I still have a permanent darkroom at home with a Saunders 4×5 enlarger, although I haven’t been in the darkroom doing anything useful or creative for almost a year and a half now. And have not shot with the view camera, nor any medium format/35mm film cameras for some time now. I supposed age is catching up on me and the convenience of anything digital these days is hard to ignore.

Anyway, happy viewing and many thanks for visiting.


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